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Sigma Server

Sigma is an application server that applies next-generation capabilities to existing application systems to integrate and enhance analysis and decision-making in real time. Sigma creates a continuously-updated, real-time contextual view of the state of the enterprise environment using both transactional and interaction data. Translation of that view is then processed via Sigma-based Cognitive Applications into granular and measurable improvements in business goals and results.

Solutions built on Sigma relieve subject matter experts (SMEs) of tasks that require intensive correlation, knowledge creation, reasoning, and decision making – goals impossible with traditional technology. Current transactional applications have limited ability to understand unstructured data, correlate it, take automated actions and make decisions during periods of uncertainty. Sigma is a new breed of solution that applies analysis, prediction and intelligent decisioning to customer, operational, provisioning, service, auditing, process and monitoring tasks.

Examples of Sigma-based Solutions:

  • Agent service and self-service
  • Large Construction project contract risk
  • Multi-Channel Customer Experience
  • Proactive Care, Customer Retention
  • Knowledge management
  • Fraud and Claims Management
  • Patient Care
  • IT and Business Operations Management

What can you do with Sigma that you can't do without it?

  • See and enable applications to act on what's happening.
    Sigma integrates existing siloed enterprise data and applications, permitting examination of the enterprise in ways impossible without the correlation power of graph technology. Applications can be created without the effort to design, integrate, program, and manage next generation technology stacks.
  • Understand what information means, especially when much of IT information is unstructured.
    Sigma's natural language processing capabilities can achieve more than 90% accuracy, providing machine-processable context.
  • Prevent problems, perform diagnosis, and optimize utilization.
    Inference rules determine likely effects and invoke actions to avoid issues or optimize decisions both proactively and reactively. Regression analysis analyzes the rich connected history of past behavior to predict future performance.
  • Learn from prior situations and actions.
    Sigma stores knowledge, concepts, history, and prior decisions as a Directed Graph, in a Big Data architecture with extremely powerful capabilities to discover and create new associations that do not exist in original data. Implemented as a closed loop, Sigma tracks the effect of inferences, correlations, and predictions it has made and can use this to influence future analysis

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